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Updated Version of Back 2 School Coming to Xbox Consoles

 Accessible Xbox Achievements, Statistic Tracking, and 500+ New Questions 

Richmond, May 14, 2023– Goldenrod Games is announcing today that its game Back 2 Schools will receive a major update on Xbox One and Series consoles. These include fan-requested features, such as accessible achievements for players to unlock, statistic tracking, and over 500 new questions across all quizzes. This updated version of the game is planned to release in Q3 2023 and will be free for all players who purchase our base game. 

Back 2 School is an educational trivia game with simulation elements. In Back 2 School, players begin in the first grade and must answer challenging primary school questions to advance through the game to higher grades with the end goal of graduating from elementary school.

“Creating Back 2 School was always a passion project,” said Goldenrod Games owner and creative director Trevor Burrows. He continues, “When we set out to create Back 2 School, we wanted to create a fun and accessible game that players of any age could enjoy, and I believe we have done that. However, over the past year, I have heard several amazing ideas from our community of players. We plan to implement the most common player-requested features into our game. I think these new features will introduce a new segment of players to our game and add a lot of playability for existing players looking to test their knowledge in Back 2 School again.”

To learn more about Back 2 School, click here

Goldenrod Games is a small independent video game developer and publisher Located in Richmond, Kentucky. We create fun and accessible games for players of all ages by recreating and combining forgotten or underused genres. 

Press Contact Name: Trevor Burrows 

Phone: (859) 684-5810 

Email: [email protected] 

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